The Week(end)  That Was 

The Week(end)  That Was 

I don’t wanna go home… 

Alas, today’s the day. We’re all delaying packing up, and to be fair we do have a couple of hours before we have to get serious about leaving. But the drive to accomplish has faded, and we’re all staying to think about the responsibilities waiting for us back out in the Real World. 
We all made good progress on our various projects. Nikki finished the formatting and uploading for her first self-published book. (Go buy it.)  Deb did her research  and her taxes and got the logo for her new podcast (which is awesome!) How did I do? Hrm, let me look at that list. 

1. Scripts accomplished! I got the intro and exit scripts written, picked a session topic for the demo, and even came up with a name. No Small Questions. Just need to round up some people to do a recording session with. 

2. Draft ritual is done. I still need to write quarter calls and gaming text for the working, but I’ve ordered the supplies and have the major details all nailed down. 

3. Finished a clue and a half on the test knit. One small hiccup, but I’m not the only one having it, so I’m taking that as a good sign. 

4. Nada. Sorry, Mom. 

5. Does two blog posts count? Nothing in the bank, though. Maybe I’ll brainstorm ideas on the drive home. 

6. Garden plan is complete! Well, as complete as any garden plan can be. And I have my seed list generated, although I haven’t priced it out yet. It’s gonna hurt though. Worth it. 

So all in all I’m counting it as time will spent. I don’t feel as rested as I would like, but who knows if I ever will. It was good just to step off the treadmill for a few days, though. Hopefully when I get back, things won’t feel quite so overwhelming. 

Of course, none of us have looked at Twitter for four days, so…