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Writers Weekend 2017

Writers Weekend 2017

We’re back in the woods for another Writers Weekend (check out the tag for our previous WW adventures. Including turkeys).  We missed last year due to other commitments on everyone’s part, and all three of us really felt the loss of it.  So this year we all knew we had to do this, come hell or high water.  We did get a slightly later start than we like because Deb had a commitment Thursday night (darn that real life, anyway), so Friday morning we got all our kids out to school and then hit the road to the Poconos.  See below for how much stuff 3 writers need for 4 days away.  And that doesn’t include groceries.

Not as much as when we go camping, but it’s only for 3!

Day 1 is usually a wash.  We need to decompress from our day to day lives and get settled into the house.  Yesterday was no exception.  We got up here around 11, unloaded the car, made the beds, started warming up the house, and then went out for lunch and grocery shopping.  Lunch was at this run down looking diner that I’ve been past a million times going camping (our campground is about an hour past Deb’s mountain house).  The food was surprisingly good, although I think their meatloaf was actually their gyro meat.  And we bought a pie.  Because diner pie.  Then we went grocery shopping.  The nice thing about three grown women in a house together is we all take turns cooking, and we are mostly reasonable when we go shopping.  Yes, we always end up with too much snack food, but hey, at least it’s 75% healthy snack food! 7 bags and 4 dozen bottles of water later, we were off to Lowe’s and Walmart (shudder) to get new lamps for the house.  Deb always walks a fine line on these trips between being on vacation and being a rental owner.  We try to keep her on the more relaxing side of that line, but sometimes needs must.  This was at least easier than the year the gas fire wouldn’t turn on.  That wasn’t fun!

We got back home around 3:30, got unloaded and Nikki got the traditional WW Tikka Masala in the crockpot, then we all lounged around until dinner.  I got some software installed on my computer and played too much Minecraft while Deb did hockey research and Nikki actually did writing work (making the rest of us look bad.) But again, first day is a wash, so no stress.  I did spend some time that evening going through one of my seed catalogs, so that’s something off my list.

All my favorite places have fireplaces

I do have a goal list for the week

  1. Scripts for the podcast I’m planning – I need to write introduction and closing scripts, as well as actually coming up with a name.  I want to record the demo by the end of the month, so I need to get cracking
  2. Oestara ritual – I’m leading the Oestara ritual for Gaia’s Rainbow this month and need to actually get it written
  3. Sherlock shawl test knit – this is due back to the designer by the end of the month.  I’m on clue 3 of 9…
  4. Finish my mom’s shawl.  Before she hunts me down with knives.
  5. Write and bank a few blog posts – Theoretically March is a blog every day month.  Yeah, no.  Maybe April
  6. Garden plan – Spring’s coming almost faster than I’d like.  I need to get seeds started, so I need to get, you know, seeds.

I think I’m off to a good start.  Last night I got the recording software installed on my laptop so I can use it as my onsite podcasting studio. I also got my volunteer application in to the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly in New Orleans in June.  If I can get that, it pays my attendance fee ($350.  Oof.) and I just have to figure out travel and accommodations. (Also oof.)  And I got through one of my seed catalogs, the one I’ll primarily be ordering from this year.  (Johnny’s Selected Seeds, for anyone who’s curious.)

Slept kind of rocky last night, either really hard or wide awake.  But I woke up with the basic ideas for the ritual, so this morning I worked on developing that.  The theme is eggs and seeds.  For our working, we’re going to make seed eggs (basically seed bombs shaped like eggs).  So I researched seed bomb how-to’s, ordered the matrix for it and the seeds, and got the rough outline written.  I still have to write the cast and calls and a quick charging meditation, but that’s pretty easy once the how to’s and why for’s are figured out.  I think there will then be a nap.  Then I want to finish Clue 3 on the shawl, and then I can go through another seed catalog.  And poke at my garden plot maps to make sure I have room for everything, or that I’ve filled everything.  I’m never sure which I’m going to end up at!


Turkey Pi(e)

Turkey Pi(e)


Our first full day in the mountains and all is as it should be.  We had to run out this morning for a couple of missing grocery items and pie for this mostauspicious of Pi days. We went to see if the farmer’s market was open (not until April) and we stopped by the local junk, er, flea market. While most of the stuff there was junk, er, antiques, all of us found something to bring home. It was pissing down rain,  and every time one of us would complain about the weather,  the other two would respond,  “Thank God!”  Because that meant we didn’t want to stay out in the world. Back we trekked to our hermitage, and we will most likely remain here for the rest of the weekend.

I finished a chapter over good Italian pork and provolone sandwiches and then laid down for a nap, only partly because I was tired. I tend to pre-write while I’m resting, kind of like running a movie of what comes next behind my eyelids so that I then just have to write it down. Plus I was cold. Although this bed doesn’t have my electric mattress pad.  I didn’t really warm up, but then I didn’t want to get out of bed because that would be even colder, so I ended up staying there for two hours. I’ll have to do some writing sprints tonight to make up for it. But I’m over a hump and I know what’s going to happen next, so I’m counting that as progress.

Then as we were getting dinner ready (Nikki is making tikka masala), we saw a bunch of wild turkeys out on the road.



This is the second night they’ve been out there.  I missed them last night, but this seems to be their regular route.  There were about a dozen of them all up and down the road heading into the woods across from us.  It was funny watching them try to walk over the snow, as is dense and wet and would hold them for a moment before they’d break it and sink. They’re big birds, though, and I couldn’t help thinking about cranberries and stuffing.

May do some knitting tonight. Although if the writing muses speak, my butt will be in that chair.

Writers Weekend

Writers Weekend

Where the magic happens

Well, I made it! Survived to that most glorious of holidays, Writers Weekend!

For those of you new to my life, Writers Weekend is a four day weekend Nikki, Deb and I take every year and go either to the shore or the mountains, just the three of us. No kids, no responsibilities, just peaceful coexistence and creativity. Ostensibly, as the name implies, it’s time to write, but the knitting bug bit on our second WW, and since then crafts of all sort have also been included. The nice thing about the women alone in a nice house in the woods is everyone cleans up after themselves and everyone pulls their weight. We each take turns cooking,  we all pitch in on the groceries,  and whoever cooks, the other two clean up. It’s just a much needed few days of calm in an otherwise insane existence. The house is lovely, of the beaten path up in the Poconos,  with a gas fire to curl up in front of and a lovely deck and fire pit if it’s nice enough to venture out.  Although honestly we usually pray for miserable weather so we’re justified staying indoors and creating. This will be our eighth year doing this, and every year it becomes more vital to my sanity.

I’ve been clinging to the promise of WW for the past few weeks as stress at work and at home has gotten worse.  I’ve been making packing lists,  planning my projects, deciding on meals all to get through. So of course when I left the office tonight, I left my packing list and my good headphones there by mistake.  Sigh. So I know I’m going to forget things. But I have the draft of my Gilded Age werewolves story to work on and may have had a breakthrough on the post apocalypse fairy (?) story,  I have two knitting WIP to choose from,  and I packed the Turkish spindle and some lovely black alpaca batt to spin if none of those appeal. I have my toiletries, comfy pajamas, a cuddly blanket and my computer to do design work on. As long as I remember my phone,  tablet and chargers tomorrow, I’ll manage without whatever I forgot.

So fare thee well, rat race. I’m off to the woods to be a creative bohemian spirit for a few days. There will be much tweetage (watch the hashtag #writersweekend2015 for tales from all of us) and maybe I’ll even manage to get something posted here!