Putting Hitler in the Cupboard

Putting Hitler in the Cupboard


Needless to say, the election did not go the way that I had hoped.

Tuesday night I tried to calm my hysterical trans-identified child and worried again that people might come to do violence on my Bangladeshi neighbors.

Wednesday I worked from home, numb and unable to cope with the presence of other people.

Now I’m taking small steps towards action.

I am doubling my pledge to my church.  I am fortunate to belong to a denomination with a long history and experience in social justice issues.  While I might not be able to squeeze out more time to work towards these issue, I can at least offer financial support to back up those who can invest the time.

I am matching that pledge with monthly donations to the ACLU, ADL, Planned Parenthood and several other organiztions.  I can’t do much, but a little bit every month still helps.

I am pledging to my local NPR station.  While they fell far short of perfect, they were still one of the more reliable sources of news through this whole thing.  I wish I could justify a newspaper subscription as well.  If you can, please subscribe, especially to the Washington Post.  They did amazing work and deserve our support.

I think I’m going to join the League of Women Voters.  I was appalled at the low turnout this election when it was so critically important.  We have to do better.

I’m looking into the idea of developing a digital passive resistance program at church.  More on this if it develops.

This election was our chance to stop Hitler.  Hitler has stopped being a person and has become instead an idea, the demagogue who lures people into working against their own best interest and better angels to serve his own ends.  We failed that challenge.  Now we must do everything we can to contain the damage, to prevent the full flowering of everything Hitler represents.

Be like Rory.  Help put Hitler in the cupboard.