No More Pencils…

No More Pencils…

By the time you read this, the kids will be done with school.

It was a pretty mixed year.  Xander did a lot better in some ways.  I do think the tech school was good for him, taking some of the homework pressure off him.  I did have some serious teacher issues with one of his teachers. On a daily basis, she would score him well, but on a weekly basis, she tanked him.  Which I had suspected would happen when we switched to weekly reporting.  She would give no ground and wouldn’t really work with us, to the point where by the end of the year, his behavior specialist and I were both throwing our hands up and told Xander to blow off an assignment she wasn’t giving him any wiggle room on.  You know it’s bad if we’re both saying that.  And it’s not strictly the subject matter, because he did fairly well in that class last year.  But he’s passed the class, and honestly at this point, that’s all I can ask.

Hero is another issue.  We got her IEP in place for the last marking period, but it wasn’t really in time to do much good.  she already had three failing marking periods behind her, and dragging herself up from that was a daunting task even if she’d been able to put the new habits in place, which at that point she really wasn’t.  So she is right on the edge of failing 2-3 of her classes.  It really all depends on her finals.  If she fails 2, she can retake them in summer school.  If she fails 3…  Part of me worries that she self-sabotaged, as her two best friends were also failing and she doesn’t want to leave them behind.  I’m also struggling with the question of whether or not to get her medicated to help with her ADHD.  I would really rather she learn how to work with support systems on her own, but if she can’t focus enough to internalize those systems, I’m not doing her any favors.  That’s the route we took for Morgan, and now his self-esteem is in the toilet.  I don’t want that for Hero as well.

We won’t know her grades until next week, and there’s not much I can do about it now.  Summer school classes start the 29th, so we’ll have our first trip out of the way.  I will have to make arrangements for her to miss one day of classes for our July trip, though.  But again, can’t worry about it now.

This weekend we’ll work on their plans for the summer.  They’re going to work on DIY badges again this year, so we need to figure out which ones they’re going to work on.  Xander needs to decide on a fitness activity.  I may make him walk the first episode of the 5k training just to see if I can get him hooked on the story.  We have to figure out their summer reading yet as well.  Both of them have one assigned book (she has The Illustrated Man, he has The Cage) and then they get to pick one book.  I’m letting them both do graphic novels, but I’m being picky about what they can choose.  So we have to sit down and talk about genres and see what they might be interested in.  I’d love to get Xander to read The Graveyard Book, but we’ll see.  I never know with him what genre will catch his interest.

And hey, I can start sleeping in a little!  Or go out for an early morning run.  Oh god, am I going to turn into one of THOSE people?

ETA: LATEBREAKING NEWS!!  This was written on Wednesday.  On Friday, the last day of school, I got word from Hero’s case manager that SHE PASSED EVERYTHING!!  It was really damn close, as she got a 66% overall in Math, but she did it!  No having to plan around summer school!  HALLELUJAH!